Dark mystery



The existence of antimatter was first predicted theoretically, and later it was also directly detected experimentally, in addition to being even artificially created.

However, the existence of dark matter has neither been directly detected experimentally, nor has dark matter been theoretically predicted in quantum physics by any mathematical equations.

It is even worse than that.

If the existence of matter is naturally accompanied by antimatter, then shouldn’t we also expect the existence of anti dark matter?


 “ The big mystery about anti dark matter, as far as scientists are concerned, is why there isn’t any of it in the universe. This book is a serious and well-researched exposition of particle physics and cosmology that shows how science came upon anti dark matter and is now trying to understand the asymmetry between dark matter and anti dark matter.  In the first fractions of a second after the Big Bang lingers a question at the heart of our very existence: why does the universe contain so much of dark matter but absolutely no anti dark matter? The laws of physics tell us that equal amounts of dark matter and anti dark matter were produced in the early universe, but then something odd happened. Dark matter won out over anti dark matter.”


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