World Peace


WASHINGTON( 5 April 2019 ) The US President Donald Trump told reporters at the White House that the United States, Russia, and China should stop spending on weapons and invest toward long-term peace. “Between Russia, China and us, we’re all making hundreds of billions of dollars worth of weapons, including nuclear, which is ridiculous,” Trump said on Thursday. “I think it’s much better if we all got together and didn’t make these weapons… those three countries I think can come together and stop this spending, and instead spend on things that are more productive toward long-term peace.” Chinese Vice Premiere Liu He, who was present at the White House, said he agreed with Trump’s idea. Later in his remarks, Trump said Washington, Beijing, and Moscow have a global responsibility :

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Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “The important thing is that rather than be limited to words, this call should be translated into specific initiatives and suggestions that would be handed over to partners through official channels,” he said, adding that the Kremlin had not received anything of that kind from the United States.


This is the time,  we’ve waited too long
And I’m wondering where I belong?
We have lost, we’re out of control
If we stray, can we hear nature’s call?
When we fail, nature speaks to us all
Now is the time to make right what’s wrong
So what’s the world to be?
Just a luxury? A temporary scene?
But what have we got, when it is gone away?
All that we’ve sacrificed in the end has its price
And we need to come to see
What the earth should be
A sanctuary free
A renewed paradise still alive in our eyes :





Eirene — the Goddess of Peace


Eirene Sculpted by Kephisodotos in the early IV century BC., the statue symbolizes the idea that through peace with Sparta wealth will return to Athens and Greece. Eirene, the goddess of peace, is holding the baby Ploutos, god of wealth.

The global economy is worth $74 trillion. The 16 Psyche asteroid alone is worth an estimated $10,000 quadrillion. There are over a million asteroids in the asteroid belt. A $5.4 trillion Platinum-rich asteroid will pass close to Earth (asteroid 2011 UW158):





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