Contrary to the popular scientific opinion, the Biefeld-Brown effect has been experimentally confirmed many times, also in the high vacuum:


From the 1st of Feb. till the 1st of March in 1996,  the research group of the HONDA R&D Institute  conducted experiments to verify the Biefeld-Brown effect with an improved experimental device in 1996 to reject  the influence of corona discharges and electric  wind around the capacitor by setting the capacitor  in the insulator oil contained within a metallic vessel. They found that the weight loss by the alternate electric field was greater than the static case:


The Biefeld-Brown effect is a macro-scale instance of the Feigel effect, a fundamental quantum effect described by the Minkowski’s equations.

It is important to notice that the Feigel effect (the fundamental quantum effect described by the Minkowski’s equations) is a quantum-scale effect, whereas the Biefeld-Brown effect is a macro-scale effect.

As a matter of fact, the Feigel quantum effect can also manifest in any macro-scale in the Universe. This is the reason why gravity (and antigravity) as a large-scale cosmic phenomenon is of a fundamentally quantum nature.

However, neither the Feigel effect alone, nor the Biefeld-Brown effect alone, nor both of them together, are antigravity, or gravity, yet.

The capacitor depicted in the fig.3 below needs to be, of course, asymmetric, with positively charged plate being larger:



Now, we shall see how the Biefeld-Brown effect is a macro-scale instance of the fundamental Feigel effect described by the Minkowski’s equations.

For the sake of explanation, we will be using the following term: the Biefeld-Brown vector.” This “vector” inside the charged asymmetric capacitor always points in the direction from the negative to positive plate, and indicates the direction in which the capacitor will move, when charged.

In short, the Feigel effect is a “spontaneous” movement of a nano-particle inside strong electric and magnetic fields which lines are perpendicular, perhaps due to the polarization of quantum vacuum :

Also in short, the Biefeld-Brown effect is a “spontaneous” movement of an asymmetric electric capacitor inside strong electric and magnetic fields which lines are perpendicular. Here, we have perpendicular electric and magnetic field lines of Earth:


The asymmetric capacitor is oriented vertically, like in the fig.3 above, with the larger positive plate up. The Biefeld-Brown vector is “up”, always in the direction from negative to positive plate. Earth, as an asymmetric capacitor, is oriented in the same way, the smaller negative plate down (ground) and the larger positive plate up (ionosphere), so its Biefeld-Brown vector direction is also “up”. The internal lines of vertically oriented capacitors’s own electric field are aligned with Earth’s electric field lines, and are also perpendicular to Earth’s magnetic field lines.

The capacitor in the Biefeld-Brown effect is a macro-scale equivalent of the above nano-size material body from the Feigel effect.

However, there is a small but important difference between the electric field in the Feigel effect, and the electric field in the Biefeld-Brown effect.

In the Feigel effect, the electric field can simply be homogeneous. In the Biefeld-Brown effect, the electric field is purposefully inhomogeneous (charge density distribution). The reason that Biefeld-Brown effect is stronger than the Feigel effect, is that its electric field is inhomogeneous. Earth’s electric field is also inhomogeneous, because Earth is an asymmetric capacitor.

Under these conditions, if we charge the capacitor with high voltage, it will fly straight up.

Would you believe me?     You don’t have to.

In a series of papers co-authored with fellow university physicist Douglas G. Torr, the founder of PST Associates, LLC, a US Department of Defense contractor, that were published between 1991 and 1993, Dr. Ning Li claimed a practical way to produce antigravity effects. When charged with high voltage, the electric device’s asymmetric electrodes produced an inhomogeneous electric field, and generated an antigravitational effect  —




If we define the Biefeld-Brown effect merely as a charged asymmetric capacitor with larger positively charged plate, then even if it fly up, or down (fig.3 above), as in the above example, it is not antigravity (or gravity) yet, because in order to do it, it also needs external magnetic field that is perpendicular to its electric field. So, only within Earth’s magnetic field the Biefeld-Brown effect becomes antigravity, or gravity (see fig.3 above), depending on its positive plate up or down orientation.

It is exactly the same scenario like with the horizontally spinning gyroscope. Spinning gyroscopes alone, by themselves do not produce any antigravity, or gravity, but within Earth’s electric and magnetic fields that are perpendicular, it is antigravity that keeps the spinning gyroscope from falling under the force of gravity while it is rotating (precessing) horizontally, its angular momentum being also in a plane perpendicular to Earth’s electric field lines.



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