If the experiments hold up, and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that they will, the complete mathematical description of quantum gravity will slowly come later, in due time, in a fashion similar to Faraday-Maxwell developments. After all, Thomas Edison didn’t need all the math of quantum mechanics, or of Einstein’s photoelectric effect, or of de Broglie’s wave–particle duality, to make his lightbulb work.

In order to perform antigravity experiments we will need the following 3 components properly combined, oriented, and tuned:

  1. rotor ( angular momentum ) ;

  2. asymmetric capacitor ( inhomogeneous electric field ) ;

  3. electromagnet (magnetic field).


However, if the above seems to be too difficult or too expensive, I suggest two much simpler, easier and far less expensive experiments :

Two Nobel Prize winning experiments.

To be continued…


 “ I have collected all the measurement data for my equations. If we take a mass and rotate it very rapidly, we can generate gravity. We can increase gravity, we can weaken it, we can steer it in any direction. I have the theory. I will publish it. I have all the mathematical equations. I will explain it. I think my theory is mature. I will tell the whole scientific world: Antigravity is nothing to laugh about. I think the experiments of Dr. Podkletnov have shown the antigravity effect crystal clear. This is too important. It should belong to all the American people.” — Dr. Ning Li  ( Antigravitation entdeckt )



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