GÖDE Award


With the GÖDE Award for Gravity Research, the GÖDE-Stiftung Foundation has announced the Prize of One Million €uros in 2004 for providing substantive and convincing experimental evidence of influencing gravity, a special incentive for innovative research projects that look beyond the horizons of science.

Entitled to take part are all persons, independent of occupation and academic degree, age, or nationality. The aim is to influence gravity with presently unknown methods. Applicants must successfully design, construct and complete an experiment with specified performance characteristics: at least 20-gram device, or the assembly itself,

is required to float freely at least 1 minute at a minimum distance of 10 cm from any surface.

Experiments, that deviate from the target setting, but reveal a clear effect regarding gravity (gravity impulse), can be submitted. The committee decides, if the experiment can participate unscheduled. Applicants cannot claim acceptance.

Göde Award for Gravity Research



——— Forwarded message ———
From:  Annabel Schwarz <info@gravitation.org>
Date:  May  3,  2017
Subject:  Re: EXPERIMENTAL Quantum Antigravity

Thank you for the information and for sharing your ideas with us. We are currently dealing with other experiments,  but we would be happy to hear from you again, when you have finished and evaluated your project, or even found a gravitational effect.

As you are concerned with gyroscope and gravity experiments, you might also be interested in the work of Hayasaka or Dmitriev. Some of their papers have open access.

We wish you good luck with your research.

Best regards,

Annabel Schwarz,  GÖDE-Stiftung   http://gravitation.org

Institut für Gravitationsforschung
Am Heerbach 5
63857 Waldaschaff
Tel: ++49 (0)6095 950 196

Öffentliche Stiftung des bürgerlichen Rechts genehmigt durch die Regierung von Unterfranken Nr. 241-122200-17/98




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