The Foyle Research Institute of Monaco

The Foyle Research Institute of Monaco (FRIM) is a non-profit organization founded and headed by Christopher Foyle, a philanthropist from the United Kingdom, who now lives in the European Principality of Monaco. Together with other philanthropists in Monaco and elsewhere in the world, Mr. Foyle and FRIM is dedicated to making transformative changes in the service of humanity.

FRIM would like to request research and/or development proposals for funding consideration in the field of Aeronautical and Space Sciences  —

Antigravity technology

Space is the last great frontier of human endeavor, which we have only begun to explore. Our sun (and solar system, including earth) is a star on the outer edges of the Milky Way galaxy, which itself is composed of billions of stars. And the Milky Way galaxy is only one of billions of other galaxies with just as many stars, most of which probably have planets, which are slowly being discovered, but can’t be seen with our limited technology, because they are so small and far away.

On the basis of probability alone FRIM assumes that humans are not the only intelligent beings in the Universe, and that there are undoubtedly intelligent extraterrestrial beings  in other civilizations on planets elsewhere in the Universe. Moreover, some of these civilizations are probably far more technologically advanced than humans, have probably developed advanced methods of interstellar propulsion and travel, and may have visited earth, recently, or in the distant past.

Please note that we are decidedly not interested in supporting projects attempting to prove to mainstream academia, politicians, government agencies, or anyone else either the existence of extraterrestrial beings or their visitations to earth. As noted above, we assume this to be true, and are moving beyond that to develop the technology that could be used for space exploration and interstellar travel by humans.

In order to reduce the amount of paperwork for researchers, FRIM will be using a “Pre-Proposal” system, whereby researchers will be requested to submit a 1-3 page executive summary of the research they are proposing. Using such a system serves both the researchers and FRIM, in that researchers do not have to spend a great deal of effort developing a fully detailed proposal and risk it not being accepted for funding. And the Pre-Proposals will also enable FRIM to quickly determine if the proposal being made is one that FRIM would consider for funding. If a Pre-Proposal is selected for further consideration for funding, then the proposer(s) will be requested to provide a full proposal in greater detail, and forms and/or guidelines for the more detailed proposal will be provided at that time.

Guidelines for Pre-Proposals Which People May Submit Unsolicited or in Response to a Request for Proposals



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